12 août 2011

Bethany Interview


DW_What's your name? How old are you and where do you live?
My name is Bethany Struble. I'm a 19 year old girl living in Los Angeles, CA.

DW_Where would you love to live?
I would love to live in France or Italy! 

DW_When did you started blogging?

My blog was born just about a year ago!

DW_How did you come up with the idea?
At first I started my blog just to showcase my photography, but then it kind of progressed into a personal style diary/ photo journal.

DW_What is fashion for you?
Fashion is just another way of expressing yourself.  

DW_What do you think about the influence of fashion bloggers in the fashion world?
Fashion bloggers really have a huge voice in the fashion community. Our opinion matters and I think thats really amazing!

DW_Do you believe that one day they'll replace the fashion magazines or do you think it's just ephemeral?
You can never really tell what the future holds! 

DW_Your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My favorite item right now are my brand new Steve Madden platform sandals!

DW_3 indispensable items this summer?
This summer I cant go without crochet, fringe, and cut offs.

DW_Is your style personal or is it inspired by what is already out there?
I'm definitely inspired by other fashion bloggers. I like trying different styles. I'll see a style that I really love and then make it my own.

DW_Where do you get your ideas from?
I get a lot of ideas from other fashion bloggers and my mood! haha I just wear what I feel like wearing. 

DW_What is your greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration comes from music and my mood! Sometimes a song will inspire me!

DW_How important is it for you to look your best and why?
It's not too important for me to look my best all the time. Of course I love dressing up and being fashionable, but sometimes I just want to wear a tank top and shorts!

DW_Who would qualify to be an icon?
My fashion icon is my cousin, Maddison Rothery! I think she qualifies!

DW_According to you, what is the most significant period for women's fashion?
I think present time is amazing for womens fashion. Theres styles from EVERY era that people wear now! I can go all out in 50's attire and still be current in todays fashion standards! Which is a good thing because my style is all over the place. I'll be 50's one day and 70's the next! haha

DW_Your ideal female or male would have what style? what would he/she be wearing?

My ideal male...hmm I really love European fashion. Anything on Stockholm Street Style! haha I love a guy that can dress himself. 

DW_Websites? blogs? other links?
Blog: http://outofabook.blogspot.com  twitter: @bethanystruble facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bethany-Struble/205408619492046

DW_One last/final word?
Hope you all liked my interview! Love you all <3

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