5 août 2011

Fanny Interview


Eh bien, une interview, ça faisait longtemps (lol). Cette semaine je nomme Fanny, cette jeune Suédoise âgée de 20ans avec un style tout simplement énorme, gros coup de cœur pour cette fille, tout simplement ! Je dois avouer que ça a ses avantages de parcourir pendant des heures des blogs et sites internet pour tomber sur des personnes comme ça avec un style bien à eux et au top comme je les aime. L'interview se trouvent ci-dessous. Enjoy! xoxo Olivia.

DW__What's your name? How old are you and where do you live?
Fanny Lyckman, 20 lives in Stockholm.  

DW__Where would you love to live?
New York, because of the opportunities.  

DW__When did you started blogging?
About two years ago on the very same address I have now.  

DW__How did you come up with the idea?
I have always had a big passion for fashion. It fell naturally since I also love being infront of the camera.  

DW__Is your style personal or is it inspired by what is already out there?
Both. I build my style on inspiration on anything I see - fabric, movies, people and different places. But I feel I always have my own touch.  

DW__Where do you get your ideas from?
As I said in the previous Q I get it from life in general.  

DW__Discribe your style in a few words.
Hipster meets high-fashionista for a hot chocolate in the city.  

DW__What is your greatest inspiration?
Weird voodoo stuff, and stuff... Supermodels and superheroes. More accurate, its actually the power of imagining. I picture stuff in my head before I go to sleep. I love doing that.  

DW__According to you, what is the most significant period for women's fashion?
 Autumn. But if i would get this question in January, I would probably say spring. I tend to long for the next period. I guess that natural way for a human to act. Or?  

DW__How important is it for you to look your best and why?
Its very important. When I look good, I feel good. And the funny thing is that I actually get inspired by looking my best. Confidence comes from within, but also from outside.  

DW__If we say "Louboutin", what do you tell us?
All red on the bottom of your shoe.  

DW__What is fashion for you?
 For me its mixing street-culture with the latest on the catwalk and making it my own.  

DW__What do you think about the influence of fashion bloggers in the fashion world?
I think its great. I think the people now have more power of deciding whats hot or not.  

DW__Do you believe that one day they'll replace the fashion magazines or do you think it's just ephemeral?
I hope not. I love the feeling of sitting in my window with a fashion-magazine and a cup of hot chocolate. However, I think the blogs continue to grown and will have ever more power in the future.  

DW__Lot of people create a fashion blog today, what do you think about that?
I like quality before quantity but I think its great that its expanding. I like the thought of anyone getting a blog, for whatever reason.  

DW__According to you, what makes a blog successful?
Personal style, well polished pictures and the hunger of wanting to invent new ways.  

DW__Who would qualify to be an icon?
Anyone who got that "that" and a good pair of balls. Fashion sometimes takes courage.  

DW__What is your favourite brand ?
Right now, Jeffrey Campbell and Acne.  

DW__If you have to choose only one accessory, what would it be?
A bag or a bracelet. I don't have that many bags but I have waaay to many bracelets.  

DW__Websites? blogs? other links?
www.imfancy.blogg.se, of course. Other than that. Nope.  

DW__One last/final word?
Don't care about people you don't care about. Wear what the fuck you want. You rock!  

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