DW__How old are you and where do you live? 
I am 23 and I live in London 

DW__Where would you love to live?
It's hard to stay in one place for a long time but I would love to have apartments in New York, London, Paris and Rome and just live between each of the cities!  

DW__When did you started your fashion blog? 
I started it in 2009 when I moved to London. 

DW__For you, what is fashion?
Fashion is a way to express yourself, your mood and what makes you feel confident. 

DW__You have a lovely style Natasha, where do you get your ideas from?
From reading other blogs, looking at magazines, etc. 

DW__Discribe your personal style in a few words?
Laid back, simple and affordable. 

DW__How often do you go shopping?
Not enough !! Haha. I would say once a week. I just with there was one store with everything I needed.

DW__If you were a bag, you would be ...? why?
An Hermes Birkin because it is classic yet simple and not over the top. 

DW__If you had to choose only one pair of shoes what would it be?
YSL Tribtue pumps 

DW__What is your favorite accessory lately?
My Isharya ring from net-a-porter. Rings are my favourite accesories. 

DW__Who would qualify to be an icon?
Nowadays it's difficult to say. I love icons from the past like Billie Holiday, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. 

DW__Who is you favourite designer? why?
I don't have one in particular but I love Yves Saint Laurent for designing the suit for women and showing how sexy a masculine look on a woman can be. 

DW__What DoeFashion Mean To You?
It's having fun and experimenting. Don't worry about what the experts have to say. Wear what you feel comfortable in, don't just follow trends. 

DW__Your ideal female or male would have what style? what would he/she be wearing?
My ideal male would be someone like Tom Ford in terms of style and the suits he would wear. My ideal female also wears pants! Haha. But a YSL suit. I just think there is something sexy about being in a pair of pants and a low cut blouse and giving men a run for their money. 

DW__Websites, blogs, link?
I like Style.com, fashion toast, The Sartorialist and FashionBombDaily. Vogue Italia online is great because they have a section called Vogue Black which features prominent models, stylists, musicians, designers, etc in the black community.   

One last/final word?
Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't. If someone is blocking your light, move them out of the way !  
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