8 juil. 2012

Iris Interview


DW__What's your name? How old are you and where do you live?
Iris Gravemaker, I am 29 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

DW__When did you started blogging?
I started blogging in 2010.

DW__How did you come up with the idea?
I always loved watching other peoples blogs and at one day I just thought: why not start a blog of my own? And that’s how it all started.. I love styling and photography!

DW__Could you introduce your blog? 
My blog mostly consists of my own outfit pictures, things I got new and thing I love.

DW__What is fashion for you?
It is a good way to expres yourself and show your personality and a good way to have fun!

DW__According to you, what is the most significant period for women's fashion?
I love the 60’s with the mod period, with twiggy, bold prints and A-line dresses. I think it is great that everyone has a say in fashion. Because the fashionworld is so overrated sometimes.

DW__Do you believe that one day they'll replace the fashion magazine or do you think it's just ephemeral ?
No I don’t think so. Reading magazines on paper is a different experience than reading a blog on a screen.

DW__Your indispensable items ?
My black boyfriend blazer, leather biker jacket and Isabel Marant poppy pumps.

DW__Where do you get your ideas from?
I get my inspiration from the streets, catwalk, magazines, blogs, shapes and sometimes just from trying to combine things myself.

DW__What is your greatest inspiration?
Streetstyle and the catwalk.

DW__How important is it for you to look your best and why?
Because how you look is your own business card and I just feel better when I take care of myself.

DW__Who would qualify to be an icon?
A fashionicon is someone who is different from all other and gives you inspiration. Someone you can look up to and can admire.

DW__According to you, what makes a blog successful?
Your own style, good quality pictures and regular posting helps. But sometimes it just has to be discovered by others.

DW__A fashion advice?
Stay true to your own style and pick out clothes that flatter your own body type.

DW__Who is your favourite designer?
I absolutely love Isabel Marant, Muccia Prada and Marc Jacobs and our own Viktor & Rolf because they seem to surprise my everytime with their new collections.

DW__If you had to choose one pair of shoes what would it be and why?
I love to own Isabel Marant’s cowboy boots for next season!

DW__Websites? blogs? other links?
DW__3 words to discribe fashion?
Beautiful, exciting and fun!

DW__One last/final word?
Just love life and dream as you will live forever!

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