11 févr. 2013


DW__What's your name? How old are you and where do you live?
My real is Kamil but since I am not biggest fan of it everybody calls me Milex 
I just turned 21 this month and I live in UK where I moved 5 years ago from Poland.

DW__When did you started blogging?
I started blogging not so long ago, in summer 2012 which makes my blong 6months living.

DW__How did you come up with the idea?
I was propably having too much free time and I was always into fashion, started too spend too much time surfing thouth other fashion blogs, being bored seeing the same things all the time decided to try make something diffrent.

DW__It's rare to see a men's fashion blogger , according to you, why they are not many?
Because not so many mens are into fashion, unfourtnuetly, simply as that, but everything is changing for a better.

DW__Is your style personal or is it inspired by what is already out there?
My style is very personal but of course I am inspired by magazines and camainges and then I try to make it my own.

DW__Where do you get your ideas from?
It is hard to explain because I have the bizzarest ideas really often but in 2013 you can't not to tell your biggest ideas coming from internet.

DW__What is your greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration is Daphne Guiness because she is always true to her soul and I love her style.
I can't lie actuall period is pretty good because I really like andrygony trend but I would also feel really good fashionwise in '20.

DW__What is fashion for you?
I wanted to say fashion is everything but this sounds cheap and I am not Rachel Zoe yet  fashion is passion and huge part of my live which I spent too much time on but I believe looks is really important.

DW__What do you think about the influence of fashion bloggers in the fashion world?
I think it is a really good thing because not many people have a chance to get into fashion world because let's face it - it's not that easy, specially without contacts and some of them have really great knoledge. I just don't like the idea of every teenager having fashion blog.

DW__Do you believe that one day they'll replace the fashion magazine or do you think it's just ephemeral?
I don't believe fashion blogs are going to replace magazines but I like the idea of having a choice.

DW__According to you, what makes a blog successful like yours?
Oh thank you but I think it is a long way till I am going to say I have a successful blog but being true and orginal is a key for me. Also for everybody the quality of photos, some suprises and consistency.

DW__If you had to choose only one pair of shoes, what would it be?
It would be black boots because they are not only comortable but suitable for almost all my outfit.

DW__Who would qualify to be an icon?
ME! Ok, a little joke as I am joking all the time in real live but I think a true icon need to be someone who is not afraid of being criticized. Tilda Swinton is my personal icon already.

DW__Your ideal female or male would have what style? what would he/she be wearing?
My ideal person would wear head to toe Alexander McQuen final look from Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear.

DW__Websites? blogs? other links?
I have to visit everyday vouge.co.uk, style.com, redcarpet-fashionawards and fashion spot forum.

DW__One last/final word?
Be true to yourself and to others.

This week, I decided to introduce to you a guy, it's been a long time, isn't it?! His photographies, his looks... I just love it! It's rare to see men fashion blogger (and also photographs) on the blogosphere. I was really impressed by his sense of style, his amazing pictures from his travels... the way how he can look so stylish with simple clothes. I advise you to visit his blog and his website if you don't know him and his work, it's just amazing! Check out the interview just below.

DW__What's your name? How old are you and where do you live?
I'm Christoph, I'm 22 years young and I currently live in Munich, Germany (most of the time).

let's talk about fashion...

DW__When did you started blogging and how did you come up with the idea?
I started "blogging" about two and a half years ago I think… I basically used it as a platform to share my photography (when I was getting started on it) in order to get feedback and develop myself further. With the time is has become better and better.

DW__Where do you get your ideas from?
Films, Magazines (I have a LOT of magazines), Books and life in general.

DW__What is fashion for you?
Fashion can be anything. It can be art, it can be a uniform, it can be a way to express yourself. To me it's mostly a way of showing the world who I am - I'm trying to choose my clothes so they reflect my personality. Life has become so fast and impressions last just a couple of seconds. Your clothes are the way to make that impression.

DW__According to you, what is the most significant period for men's fashion?
I think it's right now. Men's fashion is opening up more and more from being just a uniform of suit and tie to becoming something more playful, more fun.

DW__Who is your favourite designer?
Christopher Bailey of Burberry and Nicolas Formichetti (not my style generally but I like his approach).

let's talk about photography...

DW__When I saw your blog for the 1st time, I was really amazed by all the travels, the amazing photos you took, when did you started photography?
I started because of travelling to be honest. I used to travel a lot without having a camera with me and after a while I got kind of sad that I couldn't bring any memories with me. So I got myself my first camera and that's when it all started…

DW__How did you get this passion for photography? What/who encouraged you to start?
I just started by taking pictures to capture memories but after a while I wanted my pictures to be better and better. So I kind of got obsessed with this idea of taking good pictures and I did everything to learn really quickly.

DW__What are your greatests inspirations?
Do you have some photographers who inspire you?Films and Books again! And other photographers. I like Ryan McGinley, Juergen Teller and lots of others!

DW__If you could shoot anyone, who would it be?
That's a though one! Hmm let me think… I guess Cara to be honest. She's my idea of beauty.

DW__What are you most proud of? (thanks to photography)
I'm proud of having come to where I am right now on my own. From nothing. But of course I'm not where I want to be yet, so there's lots of goals ahead!

DW__What is your favourite equiment to shoot?
Canon Dslr and a fixed lens - that's it. I don't like having lots of equipment with me. Stay simple.

DW__What are your future projects?
Lots of lots of projects! I'll be shooting a couple of music videos very soon, and band pictures, and portraits and campaigns!! It's looking good at the moment!

DW__Websites? blogs? other links?
Blog: www.christophwho.com 

ps: I try to write in english because of my studies in english, so if you see some grammar mistakes, tell me ;)
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