21 sept. 2013

Charlotte Interview


DW__Who are you?
My name is Charlotte Bridgeman and I am from Melbourne, Australia. 
I run the blog Winston & Willow and am also completing my post-graduate in Marketing.

DW__When did you started blogging and How did you come up with the idea?
I began my blog early 2013 but only really started blogging consistently around March this year. 
I was living overseas at the time and wanted something that I could show my friends and family what I was up to.

DW__Could you introduce your blog?
My blog Winston & Willow is a personal style, travel and lifestyle blog. 
It is run by myself and my boyfriend Nathan Clarke who does all the photography and the web developing.

DW__What is fashion for you?
Fashion to me is a way to express oneself. I believe fashion is a form of art and allows people to show off their individuality through what they wear.

DW__According to you, what is the most significant period for women's fashion?
I definitely think it was the 60's. Women began experimenting with fashion more which mirrored the social movements that were happening at the time. The 60's also gave birth to the mini skirt too (where would we be without that!). Women were more daring with what they wore and wanted to be a bit rebellious, which I love.

DW__What do you think about the influence of fashion bloggers in the fashion world?
I think fashion bloggers are growing more and more influential. Blogger/brand collaboration is continuing to grow as brands realise the potential and the influence that bloggers have in the fashion world these days. I think it is an exciting time for fashion as it is adapting to the online world, and bloggers are definitely a huge part of that.

DW__Do you believe that one day they'll replace the fashion magazine or do you think it's just ephemeral ?
Even though I think many people turn to bloggers for fashion advice etc like they do with magazines, I don't think that magazines will ever be eradicated. I still love nothing more than to sit down on a Sunday afternoon with a good fashion magazine and flick through the pages, as I believe a lot of women still do.

DW__3 Indispensable items?
A perfect fitting pair of skinny denim jeans
Heeled leather black boots
A staple tailored blazer.
You can interchange these items with each other and add them to any outfit!

DW__Charlotte, I love your style style, Where do you get your ideas from?
Thank you! I really just always try to wear things that I know suits me well. I think a lot of women try to follow the latest trends even if it is something that doesn't suit them or their body shape. I think it is important to always know what looks good on you but adapt that slightly with new styles.

DW__What is your greatest inspiration?
That would definitely be my Grandma. She is going on 83 years old this year and still has more of a social life than I do! She just never stops and is always helping other people, in fact she just won an Order of Australia Medal for her hard work over the years. Our family is very proud.

DW__Who would qualify to be an icon?
There have been so many fashion icons, it's too hard to pick just one! Kate Moss, Jacqui Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Bridgette Bardot.... the list could go on forever!

DW__If you had to choose one bag what would it be?
Givenchy Antigona... a girl can dream!

DW__3 words to describe fashion?
Fun, expressive, influential.

DW__Websites? blogs? other links?
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