17 janv. 2015

Alissa Interview


DW__Who are you? 
I am Alissa -- just turned 30 (EEEEK) I am an actress/model/blogger in NYC. I have been acting here in new york for 15 years doing TV, Commercials and Theatre.

DW__When did you started blogging and How did you come up with the idea?
I started blogging after my instagram page started to gain momentum. My sister is also a fashion blogger and she continuously told me to start a blog - and finally I decided to!

DW__Could you introduce your blog?
I would say my blog is a fashion inspired blog depicting the life of a actress in NYC. I like to keep it real and describe my struggles - hardships - etc.

DW__What is fashion for you?
fashion is being able to express yourself outwardly.

DW__According to you, what is the most significant period for women's fashion?
Definately the 1920s, It was the first time women first left the more restricting fashions of the past and began to wear more comfortable clothes like short skirts or pants.

DW__I love your style and the way you mix different clothes, it just looks amazing on you; Where do you get your ideas from and How do you define your style?
Thank you so much! I would say my style is tomboy -chic. I like to add femininity to masculine pieces.

DW__How did you get this passion for fashion (modeling) and photography? What/who encouraged you to start?
I have been modeling since I was 15 years old. I had a boyfriend who was with a big agency here in NYC and they met me and signed me on the spot, i was really really lucky. within a few weeks i had booked 3 national campaigns.

DW__Do you have some photographers who inspire you?
my husband is my favorite photographer. he is insanely talented and he inspires me everyday to be a better model and produce quality work. he is always inspiring me to up my game.

DW__What is your greatest inspiration?
that is such a hard question! I get my inspiration from so many places, people, events, moods, etc. It is a huge melting pot of everything i come in contact with.

DW__Who would qualify to be an icon?
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.

DW__3 Indispensable items?
Worn in Dr Martens, drop crotch sweats and a leather jacket.

DW__3 favorite places in New York?
Flatiron Building, any rooftop, Soho (for the shopping of course!).

DW__3 words to describe fashion?
unique, ever changing, expressive.

DW__What are your future projects?
I have some really exciting collaborations coming up! Keep up with all my news on my instagram page! =)

DW__Websites? blogs? other links?
my acting website: www.alissaladerer.com

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