Bradley Theodore, j'adore ce mec! Beaucoup d'entre vous ont j'en suis sur, déjà vu ses œuvres, que vous soyez déjà allés à New York ou non, comme la fameuse peinture d'Anna Wintour & Karl Lageerfeld qu'on peut voir dans le Lower East Side à Manhattan. Il y aussi de nombreuses autres peintures dont certaines qui représentent des personnalités telles que Terry Richardson ou la Reine Elizabeth. Bradley Theodore est l'un des artistes incontournables de New York.

This week, interview of this beautiful girl from England, Lorna. I just love her style!

DW__Who is Lorna? 
Hello! I’m Lorna, the stylist, editor and creative behind
I live and work in London, I work in the Legal sector as a Lawyer, a lot of people are surprised by that as I tend to get asked whether I work in fashion or media.

DW__When did you start blogging and How did you come up with the idea?
I started blogging a year ago, but I have only recently, in the past 6 months, given it a proper go with more regular outfit posts. That has come with learning how to multi-task as it can be challenging having a full-time job and a blog at the same time. But I love it, wouldn’t have it any other way:) I came up with the idea  for my blog as I wanted a platform to share my off-duty style.

DW__Could you introduce your blog, ?
My blog is an avenue where I share my personal outfits.
A key part of my blog includes outfit inspirations and trend forecasts.

DW__What is fashion for you?
An avenue to show my creative side and I hope in someway inspire others. 

DW__I really like your style; Where do you get your ideas from and How do you define your style?
Thank you, that is so kind of you!:) My style is very much effortless and minimal in it’s own way. It’s a mix of affordable High Street buys with one or two investment pieces. My ideas are from within me, I  throw an outfit together that works for my style. 

DW__How did you get this passion for fashion?
My passion comes naturally as I have always loved fashion, as cliche as that sounds. Being a fashion lover can easily be confused with shopping, but I am actually not much of a shopaholic. I love fashion in the context of how it can be interpreted. 

DW__3 favorite places in London?
There are just so many places, it’s a bit hard to choose. For me it’s anywhere that serves good brunch as I love food and brunching with friends, I also like Regents park for a stroll and the theatre.

DW__3 words to describe fashion?
Inspiring, creative and artistic.

DW__ 2 items in your closet you couldn’t live without:
It has to be my vintage Levi’s jeans and a basic white T-shirt.  

DW__One Last word
Never give up on your dreams.  I am grateful for all the support and feedback. x

DW_Website? other links? 
Follow @symphonyofsilk on the links below.
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