19 mars 2015

Lorna Interview


This week, interview of this beautiful girl from England, Lorna. I just love her style!

DW__Who is Lorna? 
Hello! I’m Lorna, the stylist, editor and creative behind  www.symphonyofsilk.com
I live and work in London, I work in the Legal sector as a Lawyer, a lot of people are surprised by that as I tend to get asked whether I work in fashion or media.

DW__When did you start blogging and How did you come up with the idea?
I started blogging a year ago, but I have only recently, in the past 6 months, given it a proper go with more regular outfit posts. That has come with learning how to multi-task as it can be challenging having a full-time job and a blog at the same time. But I love it, wouldn’t have it any other way:) I came up with the idea  for my blog as I wanted a platform to share my off-duty style.

DW__Could you introduce your blog, www.symphonyofsilk.com ?
My blog symphonyofsilk.com is an avenue where I share my personal outfits.
A key part of my blog includes outfit inspirations and trend forecasts.

DW__What is fashion for you?
An avenue to show my creative side and I hope in someway inspire others. 

DW__I really like your style; Where do you get your ideas from and How do you define your style?
Thank you, that is so kind of you!:) My style is very much effortless and minimal in it’s own way. It’s a mix of affordable High Street buys with one or two investment pieces. My ideas are from within me, I  throw an outfit together that works for my style. 

DW__How did you get this passion for fashion?
My passion comes naturally as I have always loved fashion, as cliche as that sounds. Being a fashion lover can easily be confused with shopping, but I am actually not much of a shopaholic. I love fashion in the context of how it can be interpreted. 

DW__3 favorite places in London?
There are just so many places, it’s a bit hard to choose. For me it’s anywhere that serves good brunch as I love food and brunching with friends, I also like Regents park for a stroll and the theatre.

DW__3 words to describe fashion?
Inspiring, creative and artistic.

DW__ 2 items in your closet you couldn’t live without:
It has to be my vintage Levi’s jeans and a basic white T-shirt.  

DW__One Last word
Never give up on your dreams.  I am grateful for all the support and feedback. x

DW_Website? other links? 
Follow @symphonyofsilk on the links below.
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