Here's an nterview of my girl, Melissa Araujo, I love this girl and her minimalist style, she's so natural and beautiful.

DW__ Who is Melissa?
I was born in Montreal but raised in Brazil and come back to Canada for my studies. I love to travel; I was exposed at a young age to the need and benefits of traveling - encountering and experiencing new cultures, languages. I live in Canada now in a city called Vancouver, I still travel quite a bit which I am glad. I am a fashion designer who loves minimal, geometric designs using natural fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo jersey to create unique and comfortable pieces. 

DW__ When did you started blogging and How did you come up with the idea?
I started blogging 3 years ago, my friend Vanessa form The Haute Pursuit was the one who said I should start a blog, and I thought for a while and finally got started.

DW__ Could you introduce your blog, melissaaraujo?
Yes my blog is an outlet for my style and designs. I post once a week, mostly on Mondays. It is a place where I talk about what I like to wear, how readers could style their own pieces, and try to show that monochrome, black and white outfits can also be interesting and fun. I know not everyone can buy every trend or the new must haves of the season, I show readers how they can wear the same piece in many different ways. I also talk and share about my design process, what it is to be an independent fashion designer and the struggles I go through trying to build my brand and business. 

DW__  saw that you've created your own brand, I would love to know the story behind it!
I graduated university with a Commerce degree in Marketing, as a fresh graduate I had all kinds of ideas of what the job would be: creative. In many ways it ws but just not as creative as I wanted to be, so I decided to go back to school this time in fashion design. I choose to do fashion design because all through my university I got a lot of compliments on pieces I designed and had a seamstress sew and I realized I had good ideas and good taste to start designing and making things on my own. Once I graduated I design a collection called RAW and got my website up ( and have been designing collections since.

DW__ What is fashion for you?
Fashion for me is the freedom to express who you are outwardly without having to speak, the way you dress, and style your pieces, what brands you buy and support says a lot about your personality. I love fashion, it is a hard business to be in a lot people just see the fun and beauty but a lot of hard work goes behind the scenes before it hits the stores and runways.

DW__ I really like your style; mostly black and white, very minimalist. Where do you get your ideas from and How do you define it?
Growing up I was a tomboy, now and then I would wear something more feminine but always very basic and in muted colours such as Black, white and grey. It suits my personality the best. I have always been attracted to the Minimal Art movement and that carries into my designs, how I dress, how my place is decorated and my life style in general. I truly believe less is more and simplicity is a harder state to achieve than over designed anything.

DW__ How did you get this passion for fashion? What/who encouraged you to start?
I was a late bloomer for fashion, my mom dressed and carried herself in a very delicate and feminine away which I always admired but knew it was not for me. I grew up with two brothers I was bound to be a tomboy. The interest for fashion started in my university years when I noticed people were paying attention to what I was wearing and how some of my friends really coveted some of the pieces I bought while travelling. I guess I always had a good eye for styling but never made an effort. Once girls started asking me where did you get this? Or how can I get what you are wearing? That’s when the interest started and I begin my journey towards a fashion career.

DW__ 3 favorite places in your city?
My bedroom. It is all white and I find most peace and tranquility in there.
The ocean. I was raised in an ocean city and I find myself always wanting to live by the water. Salt water and salt air are just the best cure.
The eatery. I love food and I love sushi. This place has the best non traditional sushi in town. Not fancy, quite weird the decoration but the sushi is amazing!

DW__ 3 words to describe fashion?

DW__ What are your future projects?
I just launched a new collection about 2 weeks ago called BASICS. It is a 7 top collection for your everyday life. Easy, minimal and comfortable were the key ideas for this capsule collection. I will be focusing for the next few months on advertising and sharing the new campaign. The art direction for the shoot was inspired by the words of Ad Reinhardt, an artist of the Abstract Expressionist generation: "The more stuff in it, the busier the work of art, the worse it is. More is less. Less is more. The eye is a menace to clear sight.”  

DW__ One last/final word?
I hope more people will support independent emerging designers like myself, to put some thought before they buy things that are made overseas by cheap labour. That more people will take the time to read and appreciate literature, and inject their lives with art and desire to elevate themselves to be the best they can be. I strive for that balance everyday.

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