DW__ Who is Ana Lucia? 
My name is Ana Lucia Gutierrez, blogger behind the www.thebigbrowneyes.com- name chosen because of my large big eyes of course  I am Bolivian and I spent many of recent years in the United States for my education and for work.

DW__ When did you start blogging and How did you come up with the idea? 
I started blogging 3 years ago right after I finished my studies at Parsons, The New School of Design in New York City. I wanted to work in something that combined all my interests in one- photography, writing, graphic design and styling and blogging is ALL that.

DW__ Could you introduce your blog, The Big Brown Eyes?
The Big Brown Eyes is a project made with a lot of dedication and most importantly a lot of love- one that is dedicated entirely to fashion and beauty. TBBE is a platform for the latest news, tips, trends and lots of fun fashion-y things plus I recently started adding my personal style pics to it! I started it three years ago and it was the first fashion blog in Bolivia. TBBE is bilingual- in English and Spanish.

DW__ What is fashion for you?
Fashion is self-expression. They say not to judge a book by it’s cover but usually I can tell what kind of a person someone is through their choices of personal style.

DW__ Where do you get your ideas from and How do you define your style?
I am a social media addict! I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest mostly as they are very visual platforms and I’m very much driven towards that. Traveling is always my biggest source of inspiration- it always opens up my mind to new projects and ideas.

My style is feminine and colorful and I’m not afraid to experiment with cuts, colors or prints. I identify myself a lot with Australian fashion as it is fun and elegant at the same time.

DW__ How did you get this passion for fashion? What/who encouraged you to start? 
I feel like I’ve always had an eye for detail so if I wasn’t a fashion blogger I would be a graphic designer, architect or even an engineer like my dad is. I remember being very little and paying attention to the fabrics I was wearing or cutting out my favorite ads from magazines. I was born with a passion for this industry and no one really pushed me but myself. I knew working in fashion was what I wanted, I just never envisioned early on that I would become a blogger.

DW__ 3 favorite places in your city? 
I’ve lived in a few different states in the US while getting my education and working- Virginia, DC and New York City. However, now I live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia where I was born and not many people know about it, but it’s an incredibly beautiful city.

- La Plaza 24 de Septiembre y La Catedral- Our plaza downtown and our cathedral that is representative of our culture. It’s packed on Sundays and you can go walk around, grab an ice cream, go to the local movie theatre. It’s all about the simple things here.
- La Rinconada- a beautiful ecological park with breathtaking sceneries.
- My house- It has to be on my list since I’m BIG on family. I spend most of my time at home and around the people I love the most especially since I spent so many years living by myself.

DW__ 3 words to describe fashion?
Inspirational, Creative, Unpredictable

DW__ What are your future projects?
I’m in the first stages of a beautiful collaboration with an American accessories brand as one of their stylists. It’s exciting!

DW__ One last/final word?
To all your beautiful followers of The Daily Women, come out and check out my page and my social 
media platforms @THEBIGBROWNEYES.

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