Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful week-end. I'm currently to my sister in the North western France for a few days. Fortunately for me, the weather is so good here. So, today, I decided to write a few things about me, I think it's cool for those who follow me to know a few things about me, even if these are not especially the most interesting ones lol. Anyway, I'll let you read this. I'll be back next week, for new outfit posts. I can't wait to show you new stuff I bought.

15 août 2016

Chaque année, c'est toujours la même histoire; il me faut un nouveau maillot de bain. Parmi les nouveaux venus, ce une pièce signé Forever21 que j'ai acheté en avril/mai dernier. Je cherchais désespérément un maillot de ce style et de cette couleur et j'ai donc trouvé mon bonheur chez la marque américaine.
Here's a mix of photos from my Parisian trip weeks ago with my friend and also blogger, Sonia. Next time, I think I'll stay longer. There's so much to see there. We stayed four days and it was so cool. But, I have to admit that the first day was pretty tough! We had to wake up at 4am to take the train at 5am... and we almost missed it lol. But we did it, we were here 2mn before the closing doors, yass!
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