28 août 2016

10 things to know about me

Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful week-end. I'm currently to my sister in the North western France for a few days. Fortunately for me, the weather is so good here. So, today, I decided to write a few things about me, I think it's cool for those who follow me to know a few things about me, even if these are not especially the most interesting ones lol. Anyway, I'll let you read this. I'll be back next week, for new outfit posts. I can't wait to show you new stuff I bought.

1. I was born and raised in Bordeaux
2. I love vintage clothes, I have a huge collection of Levis clothes!
3. I hate watermelon
4. I listen all kind of music
5. My fav show ever is One Tree Hill
6. I used to be a big big BIG fan of the Olsen twins (I saw every movie, I had posters everywhere in my bedroom, I still have tv show and movie dvds, I was on a website for Olsen fans, ahahah. Forgive me I was young. But who wasn't a fan? I still like what they're doing actually, they're doing a great job in the fashion industry)
7. I love contemporary art
8. I can't stop eating. I mean... really!
9. I'm a big football fan (yeah I know... but in Europe we say Football, not soccer, sorry not sorry) and I watch many sports (basket, tennis, athletics, swimming...)
10. I love horror movies
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