Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed the first days of spring as much as I am. My favourite part of the year is starting yayyy. So today, I decided to write a part 2 to one of my previous posts "10 things to know about me". The first one was reading so many times that I decided to write a new one, ready? Let's go!
That picture was taken by a friend like a month and a half ago, I guess. I love that picture, not because I found myself especially beautiful, but it reflects my mood at the moment. It was a good day. Last time, I read a great quote on tumblr (yes, some people are still going on tumblr lmao), it said: "life's short, smile while you still have teeth" and since, it became my new life motto. We never know what tomorrow will bring, so enjoy eveything while you can. No regrets.
Je n'ai pas trop le temps de poster ces derniers jours, mais je vais me rattraper en fin de semaine avec de nouveaux articles. Je porte une tenue très simple, une chemise blanche & Other Stories, un jean Zara et mes bottines noires aussi de chez & Other Stories déjà portées ici. Rien de fifou en soit! C'était une tenue de la flemme je dirais ahah. Sur ce, je vous souhaite à tous et à toutes une bonne semaine :)
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