26 mars 2017

10 things to know about me #2

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed the first days of spring as much as I am. My favourite part of the year is starting yayyy. So today, I decided to write a part 2 to one of my previous posts "10 things to know about me". The first one was reading so many times that I decided to write a new one, ready? Let's go!

1. I love writing
2. My fav pastries (I can't choose one sorry) are lemon, raspberry pie and mille-feuille
3. I hate ketchup
4. The last thriller book I read was The girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
5. I have tons of high heels but can't walk properly with it, lmao
6. I love reading inspirational quotes on tumblr a/o pinterest
7. I just started a huge collection of jumpsuits and playsuits for summer Yasss
8. My fav songs at the moment are Migos, Future, Ed Sheeran and The XX last album, Major Lazer feat Party Next Door & Nicki Minaj song, all on repeat!
9. I can count my true friends on one hand
10. I'm about to get my first tattoo in the next months
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